MLPD International Seminar

The preparation of international revolution in its relation with the great mass movements

Third topic of the five proposed within the Seminar of 2nd and 3rd August 2007
giovedì 2 agosto 2007.



Commissione Provvisoria del CC del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano

The preparation of international revolution in its relation with the great mass movements

(Third topic of the five proposed within the Seminar of 2nd and 3rd August 2007)


First of all we express gratefulness and esteem to the comrades who have organized this International Seminar. They give us the opportunity to exchange our respective positions about topics important for our activity.

A heavy economical, cultural, moral and environmental crisis pervades and shakes the whole world. We have to fight the desperation and confusion it creates within some individuals or groups. The seriousness of this crisis ist’nt a good reason for desperation or confusion. On the contrary, it heralds and confirms the greatness of the transformation that humanity needs to carry out, from present condition to the Communism.

Already today, in the oppressed countries the old order is upset openly and on a growing scale. The heroic resistance Arab and Muslim peoples are opposing to the aggression and occupation of imperialist groups and powers is an example and an aid for the international communist movement. The fact that presently feudal forces direct this resistance is secondary. The communist movement will take its direction, as soon as it will get up from the defeat it suffered. After all, in every serious struggle it directs who has the most farsighted vision, launches the words most suitable to the struggle and pursues its objectives with most determination. The feudal forces’ peculiar limits are hindrances to the victory against imperialism and open space of manoeuvre for the imperialists. These limits will be more and more clear to the most resolute fighters of the resistance: The revolutionary popular war is already in a relative advanced phase in many countries, as Nepal, Philippines, India, Peru. These examples show the way the oppressed peoples and classes will enter, obviously in different forms and times in each country.

In the imperialist countries great mass movements are incessantly developing one after another. They concern all the sides of the necessary transformation, altough they aren’t yet able to combine them in one project. They enlighten the great dedication and generosity of ten thousands of young people, women, labourers of any age and nation who, nevertheless, aren’t yet able to unite in one great force of transformation. The movement against the G8 at Rostock is the latest one, and surely others will follow. The imperialist countries’ working class will more and more struggle to defend its conquests from imperialist bourgeoisie’s attack. The existing social order is destined to further great upsets just in imperialist countries.

The confusion of feelings, aspirations, ideas, analyses and proposals is sign of the richness and wideness of the movement. On the other side, it is sign of the present weakness of the communist movement. This weakness is the matter we have to face and solve.

In everyone of these wide mass movements we Communists have to intervene mainly with the method of the mass line theorized by Maoism. We can guide everyone of them step by step to develop and to join the movement that will destroy the world imperialist system and establish new socialists countries in Europe and in Northern America. We must make each movement a school of Communism. In each movement we must identify the left wing, mobilize, strengthen, organize and guide it so that it could unite the centre around itself and isolate the right wing which is subjected to bourgeoisie’s influence.

What does it limit the effectiveness of our action and brake communist parties’ consolidation and strengthening today? We think that the principal reason of our difficulties is the dogmatism still marring the best Communists, that is the left wing of communist movement. For the rebirth of communist movement the most important thing is that the best Communists free themselves from dogmatism. To get free from dogmatism is also the first step for reducing bourgeoisie’s influence and opportunism that paralyze the most backward part, the right wing of the communist movement. If the left wing has an analysis closer to the laws of the real movement, a clear and right line of action and a dialectical materialistic working method, it would sway the centre and isolate the right wing.

What does dogmatism consist of in the present phase?

The expressions of dogmatism are many.

We indicate only the main one, that we think must be faced first by every comrade, organization, party in order to free themselves from dogmatism: the dogmatism in the balance of communist movement.

For more than hundred years the communist movement was trying to transform the imperialist countries in socialist countries. Why have we not yet succeed in doing it either in one country, though there were two world wars, so many revolutions of new democracy, so many upsets of world, though there was even the collapse of the bourgeois State in many imperialist countries as Germany (1918 and 1945), France (1940) and Italy (1943)?

Who will find the right answer to this question on the international level and for his country, will also find the road we must enter for finally defeat imperialist bourgeoisie in Europe and Northern America, for creating in these two continents new socialist countries, so giving the principal contribution we Communists of the imperialist countries can and must give to world proletarian revolution.

For years, our party has spent its energy and resources mainly for giving an answer to such question. Now it is verifying the answer it gave in the practice of the socialist revolution in our country.

Which answer did we find?

It is not possible to expose and explain briefly the answer the (n)PCI has given. It is exposed in the Manifesto Program of the (n)PCI. We are translating it in English language for making it understandable to other countries’ Communists, so they will be able to judge the way we are going on. In order to find our answer, we largely drew from the international communist movement’s experience and theoretical patrimony. Our answer has specific aspects for our country, but universal aspects as well, not concerning only Italy. So, we think it could be useful that other countries’ Communists know it, and that is useful for us to know their judgement.

It is not possible to explain our answer in a short intervention. Nevertheless, the synthesis is the following.

For more than hundred years we were trying to make socialist revolution in imperialist countries. Nevertheless, we didn’t sufficiently know the laws of socialist revolution in imperialist countries. From many points of view we went on blindly. Because of it we suffered defeats. The way to socialist revolution in imperialist countries is the revolutionary protracted people’s war. Many times, in the imperialist countries the bourgeoisie’s influence suffocated and corrupted the communist parties. The principal method for defending the communist party from bourgeoisie’s influence is the two lines struggle within the party. The principal method of direction by the party towards the great popular masses’ movements in its masses’ work is the mass line. The world conception that must guide the communist party is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

After all, the proletarian revolution is a world process. All communist parties must cooperate, share their experiences and knowledge, support each other so that, first of all, everyone will succeed in carrying to victory the revolution in its country and, starting from this outcome, will act for the political, economical and cultural unification of the new humanity.